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Cave “Megalo Katofigi”



We reach the cave after an ascending course to the northwest of the village Tourtouli (or Aghios Georgios) of Sitia, which lasts 45 minutes. The elevation is 450 metres. The cave is formed in Jurassic limestone. It features rich natural décor that should be exploited. The total width of the entrance is 3.2 metres. It is divided into two parts and nested rocks. Before thje entrance, there is a small doline.

We descend to the first hall with a 3.5 metres long steep slope, which extends from the entrance up to point a. Its length is 24 metres and its maximum width attains 12 metres. It is divided into two segments by a large cluster of pillars. We enter the second segment through a low, narrow passageway.

Right on the left, we see a nice platform on which there is a small water basin and rich geological material on the walls. On the right part of the hall, there is a big cluster of pillars. At the depth on the left side we observe the nice decor on the walls.

Through the passageway, we enter the second hall (B), which measures 42 metres in length and its maximum width attains 11 metres. In its left segment, there is a beautifully decorated platform. From that hall, 4 chambers are formed (b,c,d,e). Three narrow passageways lead to chamber (e) through pillars.

A narrow descent on the left part of the chamber leads to a big lake and water cistern, where only those who have experience in such expeditions can enter, with the use of special equipment. The total course in the cave attains 100 metres. At a small distance from Megalo Katofigi lies Mikro Katofigi, a very significant cave from a scientific point of view.

At its start, there is a small hall and on the left there is a sloping gallery measuring 40 m in length with water basins, very spectacular pillars and rich decor on the walls. At the depth one can see s narrow fissure and a steep descending slope of 6-7 metres that probably leads to another hall. Human bones and bones of mammals have been found in the cave.


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