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Quince paste



  • 1 kilo quinces
  • sugar, as much as required


Wash the quinces very well and quarter them. Then, peel, core and cut each quarter into 2-3 pieces. Collect the peels and the cores, place them in a perforated cotton fabric (touloupani), tie it securely and immerse it into a pot with water. Add the quinces inside and let them boil until soft. Afterwards, mash them and pass them through the touloupani three times.
Combine the sugar and the juice in a pot (1 cup of sugar for 1 cup of juice) and add 1 extra glass of juice. Boil it and check for doneness by placing a couple of drops in a glass of water or on a saucer; if the drop is not dissolved in the glass or does not stick on the saucer (after approximately 1 hour over low heat), then the paste is done. Before removing the paste from the fire, pour lemon juice over it.

Source: Prefecture of Chania

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