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Пироги - Калицуния

Жареные калицунья из Ханьи



  • 2 кг муки
  • 2 ч.л. соли
  • 1 чашка цикудья (критская водка)
  • 3 стакана воды
  • 1/2 кг сыра мизитра
  • 1/2 кг сыра анфотиро
  • 1/2 кг сыра анфотиро
  • 3 яйца


Prepare the dough with the flour, olive oil, tsikoudia, water and salt. Combine with the anthotiro, mizithra, malaka cheese as well as the eggs. Roll out a pastry sheet and cut circles in the size of a saucer. Spoon some filling on each piece, fold, and seal edges by pressing very well and then fry in plenty of oil.
Source: Prefecture of Chania

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