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  • Соль, перец и немного мускатного ореха


Mix all ingredients in a thin layer of dough. Grease the pan with oil and place it in half a small cup of the finished dough. Spread the batter in the pan and put on fire until thickened. Then remove from the heat, carefully flip the pancake with a wooden ruler and fry the other side. Likewise, to prepare pancakes and others allow them to cool. In vegetable oil fry the ground beef with onions (no tomato), place it in a bowl and add the egg, cheese, pepper and salt.

In a small saucepan mix the heavy cream with 2 tbsp. tablespoons butter (well heated), 2 tbsp. tablespoons flour, 1 cup of milk, one beaten egg and a little nutmeg. Beat two eggs, pancakes dipped in them and then roll in the breadcrumbs. Fry over moderate heat.

If desired, sprinkle with cheese, then grease the pan with vegetable oil and bake in the oven for half an hour. Sprinkle the tomatoes before you put in the oven. Grease cream pancakes, filled with meat and wrapped.


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