Thalori traditional village

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In the historic village of Kapetaniana, nestling in a stone ridge of Asterousia mountain range, lays the complex of Thalori Guesthouses which combine original Cretan hospitality with a number of nature activities in mountain and sea. “Thalori” means “sea” and “hill” and it is this rare coupling that lends a unique accommodation experience in southern Crete.

Thalori consists of 20 traditional houses, each with a distinctive personality. The houses are an integral part of the village, maintaining their Cretan architecture, combining traditional style with the comforts of today. The restaurant of the Guesthouse serves local dishes made from local ingredients, while the list of recommended activities (in nature or not) but also the attractions of the area covers all tastes.

Set against the sacred Kofinas peak and the blue of the Libyan Sea; feel free to experience in Thalori the authentic Crete, in a landscape totally austere, rough and beautiful, in a corner of the Cretan land with a long history and untouched nature.



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