Omathies (Cretan Sausages) | Recipes

Omathies (Cretan Sausages)

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Ingredients for the filling
  • Pork offal (spleen, liver, heart)
  • 30 g almonds
  • Raisins, currants or sultanas
  • Coarse trachanas (frumenty) or rice
  • Salt, pepper, cumin


Pick out the intestines you intend to use, and wash well. Cover with water and lemon juice, and leave for three days, changing the water periodically. Boil the offal and chop into small pieces. Add the trachanas or the rice to the pan. Add the remaining ingredients and simmer a little longer. Then remove from heat, allow to cool, and stuff the intestines. Make a few holes in the intestines with a fork. Boil a pan of salted water. Add the sausages and cook for about 1 hour.