Water Reservoir “Megali Vrisi” at Krasi | Locations

Water Reservoir “Megali Vrisi” at Krasi

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The village of Krasi is about 47 km away from Heraklion. It is situated west of the foot of Mount Selena (1559 m altitude, at the southern edge of a small plateau. At the top of the village there is a large water reservoir called “Megali Vrisi” by the local people. Its abundant waters supply the village and water a large area of the plateau.

The water reservoir was built in 1890, as an inscription on it suggests. It is a large rectangular stone-built construction, consisting of the reservoir and three arched openings on its northern side. Two of these openings were used to water animals in stone basins.

In front of the reservoir and after the asphalt street there is a small square with a centuries-old plane tree. Writers and scholars like Nikos Kazantzakis, the Alexiou family, Markos Avgeris and Kostas Varnalis used to visit this square in Krasi in the summer.
Author: Chrisoula Tzompanaki, architect-archaeologist)