The Gorge of Chalase or Sasalou | Locations

The Gorge of Chalase or Sasalou

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It is another gorge of Kissamos, wonderful to the nature lovers and mountaineers, located in an intact natural environment.

It starts from the village of Sasalos in Kissamos at an altitude of 340-m (57 km from Chania), where you come to via the Chania – Nopigia – Koleni – Rokka – Sfakopigadi – Malathyro – Sasalo route.

After walking for maximum 4 hours in the main portion of the gorge, you reach the village of Malathyro (at an altitude of 315 m and a distance of 48 km from Chania). If you walk for one more hour you can also reach the village of Voulgaro in Kissamos, 7 km distant fromthe town of Kissamos.

  • Accessible for people with special needs: 4 Hours