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The Gorge of Asfendou

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The next gorge eastwards has its entrance in the almost deserted mountain village of Sfakia called Asfendou (at an altitude of 770 m and a distance of 8 km from Imbros).

You reach the gorge by coming from the area of Ambelos – Tentas – Seli and after walking for 3 hours, you meet the old village of Agios Georgios (former Kolokasia) situated at an altitude of 260 m. The 1700-m long rural road will lead you from there to the main road of Chora Sfakion – Fragokastello and to the new village of Agios Nektarios, 73 km from Chania and 7 km from Chora Sfakion.

  • Route Duration: 3 Hours