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The Cathedral of Agios Minas

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A short distance to the west of the church of Agia Ekaterini, is a small humble-looking church, which was dedicated to Agios Minas, who in 1735 became the patron saint of the city. It has a magnificent iconostasis, with icons by the painter Giorgios Kastrofylakas. In 1862, and after revolting against the Turks, the Christians of Heraklion decided to build a splendid church to commemorate their patron saint. It was designed by the working architect Athanasios Moussis, who arrived from Constantinople for this purpose.

The work on the church’s construction was halted during the revolutionary period from 1866 to 1869, and it was finally completed in 1895. Agios Minas is one of the grandest churches in Crete, with outstandingly beautiful interiors and a splendidly imposing exterior.