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By car you can reach Monastiraki located near Pachia Amos, to the east of the road on the slopes of the mountain. This beautiful, small village is the ideal starting point for excursions by nature lovers to the mountain of Thripti behind.

Walk south of the settlement along the dirt road and after a short distance, turn left into a narrow trail. This trail unravels diagonally to the northeast along the slope, and ascends into the pine forest that borders the Gorge of Ha. As soon as you enter the forest you meet small streams that ascend almost vertically into the gorge on your left.
Here is an ecosystem that in some places is virtually untouched by man, with a diverse population of both songbirds and birds of prey.

To the right, the country road provides the only interruption to the solitude of this magical environment. Northeast at the edge of the pine forest you can see the first houses of Thripti in the midst of the densely planted valley of vines. In winter this is a beautiful and wild area. In Spring it is abundant with flowers and bird song. In summer and autumn it is less quiet because of travelers and the activities related to the cultivation of the grapes. The “Tsikoudia” and the raki reddens the faces of the passers-by, it enlivens their veins and the party begins……….

After an enjoyable break, move northwest towards the forest warden’s house at the edge of the mountain peak for an aerial view of the Gulf of Mirambelo, Pachia Amos, Vasiliki, Kavousi and Psira. Returning by the same route at your ease, descend continuously but with some caution and a few stops for your enjoyment, to where the peaceful and hospitable Monastiraki awaits you.