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The complex of beaches we come across to the west are those of Lentas, which lies at the site of ancient Levina with its renowned sanctuary (hierateion) and the Temple of Asclepius, visible to visitors that approach the bay by car from a northern direction. The beach has offers sufficient restaurant and accommodation infrastructures and it is a summer resort, mainly for the locals. On the left and on the right of Lentas bay, there are numerous scenic coves, bays and pristine beaches with thin pebbles or smoothed coggles, which lend greyish-green hues to the deep waters of the seas. The most famous ones are Loutras, where an anchorage has been recently constructed for private tourist vessels. Besides, there is the beach of Trafoulas, the mouth of a small but marvelous gorge one needs to cross to reach this magnificent beach with the impressive vertical slopes, where tenths of climber groups practice all year round.

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