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This is the sandy beach of the ancient city“Itanos” or “Ermoupoli”.There is another, longer beach, which you can visit on foot if you arrive here, as you are walking over the hill on the left from the point where the road stops.

In reality there are three beaches here:

One of them is at the end of the road, the other is 5 minutes’ walk from the northern one and the third one is also approachable from the south, behind the small fortress. In the third one you have the opportunity to enjoy the shade of the palm trees. However the best choice for swimming is the northern beach, which has very beautiful sand.

The sea bottom is very rich. There is a whole ancient city down there, which is the home of a large variety of fish. It is a paradise for those who love diving. It is 7 km from Palaikastro and 25 km from Siteia.