Gerakari-Aplitra (Toumpotos Prinos Shelter) | Locations

Gerakari-Aplitra (Toumpotos Prinos Shelter)

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From Gerakari the E4 goes on to Elenes and Nefs Amari. Then, it crosses Opsigias, Petrohori, Vizari and Fourfouras.

From there, it climbs up to Psiloreitis, via a provincial road (up to 760 m) and then via a path, until it ends up to the mountaineering shelter at the site of Toumpotos Prinos. In its biggest part, the route crosses a verdant landscape which ends up in an oak forest.

  • Route Difficulty: Normal
  • Route Duration: 7 Hours
  • Route Length: 22 km
  • Visit Period: January-December