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Τhe Fort of Monopari

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After the 4th Crusade, Crete fell into the hands of Bonifacio I del Monferrato, who sold it to the Venetians after some time. However, in 1206, the Genoese pirate Enrico Pescatore occupied the island, fortified it and Venice only managed to recuperate it in 1210.

One of the fortresses built by Pescatore was the Monopari (Bonripario), the last traces of which are visible from the peak of the steep hill Kastellos near the village Ano Valsamonero. A wall was built only on the northern side of the hill, as the remaining area was naturally fortified and inaccessible. Despite the fact that the fortress has not been restored, one can see two series of walls on the northern side with three towers at the entrance, as well as the vestiges of three edifices, two of which were possibly warehouses, as well as a cistern and a well.

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