Adrenaline at…Heights


Numerous companies in Crete offer lessons from certified instructors. For extreme athletes, there are various skydiving schools with experienced instructors. The schools operate at some airports of the island, such as Timbaki.

Moreover, all major airports of Crete house certified air-sport clubs that provide seminars and small aircrafts to rent. There are also many clubs for aircraft modelling that organize astonishing demonstrations. Furthermore, several companies and clubs organize contests.

Crete is full of steep slopes, ideal for mountain sports associated with the wind, such as paragliding or paramotor. The area of Avdou by Hersonissos is one of the most popular paragliding spots. Paragliding, or else Parapente comes from its French name (para- parachute and pente = slope) and it’s a sport with many funs.

In Crete you can find many schools where you can exercise and learn the secrets of this sport, as well as practicing. Additionally there are many tracks for beginners or advanced users. Embrace the Cretan sky with paragliding. Encircle and soar with the large eagles of Crete. Play energetically, but hold on tight … the intensity of the air above the Cretan slopes will lift you high. No matter what the direction of the wind is, there is always a place in Crete where the wind is blowing to the right way.



Locations for paragliding

Nea Chora:  2 Km from the centre of Chania

Tableland of Omalos: 45 Km from the town of Chania. An enchanting flight from Kallergi in a northwest-west direction over the Samaria Gorge and the Gigilos.

Fallasarna: Over the ancient town in a west direction

Tableland of Askifou

Lake of Kournas:  In a northeast- east direction.

Varipetro: With view of the Lefka Ori and the lake of Agia.

Elafonissi:  In a south direction with a view of Elafonissi and the Libyan Sea.

Paleochora:  In a south direction with a view of the Libyan Sea.

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