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The Treasure Hunt

01/02/2016 @ 12:00 - 29/02/2016 @ 12:00 EET

The most popular organisation in respect of participation is the Treasure Hunt of Rethymno. It is the favourite game of the locals of all ages and takes place two weeks before Carnival. During this marathon game, which lasts for one day, your brain, your body and your nerves are tested. The grade of difficulty has reached an unbelievable level, which makes it almost impossible for somebody who is not initiated to take part. However, it is a great experience to watch a group in action.
The Treasure Hunt helped the young people of Rethymno to achieve a profound knowledge of the town’s history, to come close to its monuments and to trace every single detail of historical periods. It is worth mentioning that the way the players accomplish a task in this game has become an invariable component. A similarly important event is the « Children’s Treasure Hunt », which takes place a week earlier.
Finally, the Association of Hotel owners in co-operation with the Municipality of Rethymno organises a treasure hunt each summer in the framework of the « International Tourism Day « . Visitors to the town are invited to participate and the winners are awarded ‘all included’ holidays in Rethymno


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Début :
01/02/2016 @ 12:00 EET
Fin :
29/02/2016 @ 12:00 EET
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