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The Festival is an international artistic event for all ages. It supports a trip in time, music, art, literature from the 60’s and the 70’s to the present day. More than 200 artists, musicians and intellectuals are going to participate in the
3-day festivities. It is the first festival in Greece with free entrance to all the concerts. It started in 2011 and was advertised in more than 140 television networks worldwide. It was also mentioned more than 50.000 times in international magazines.

– To advertise the area and highlight the unique Cretan products, creating trade “ways”.
– To financially strengthen the Municipality through new incentives
– To develop tourism and the economy in the Municipality and to attract thematic tourism
-To highlight the culture and the folk tradition of the Municipality in an atmosphere of celebration and joy.
– For more information contact the Municipality by telephone 28923 40 203 or

Info:,  dimosfestou.gryoutube, facebook