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Summer Festival in Heraklion

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 During the summer interesting cultural events take places in all villages to celebrate religious feasts. The festivals contribute to the survival of local customs and traditions and enrich the visitors’ experience. Less-known cultural events are organised to commemorate historical anniversaries.

“KASTRINO CARNIVAL” – Events held during carnival in the Municipality of Heraklion


“POTTERY CERAMICS FESTIVAL” Thrapsano, Municipality of Pediada Minoa

“DAFNES WINE FESTIVAL” – Dafnes Cultural Association

“ARCADEIA” – Organized by the Cultural Association of the villages Ini and Monastiraki “INATOS”

“AIKATERINEIA” Cultural Association of Agia Aikaterini

“Poimenes Agravlountes in Gergeri” Festival of traditional pastoral wind instruments organized by the Cultural Association of Gergeri.

The “Eftazymos Festival” organized by the Kastamonitsa Educational Association, named for the traditional Cretan chickpea flour bread, and dedicated to the inventive skills of generations of Cretan women.

“PARATHAMNEIA” a series of mainly musical events organized by the Cultural Association of Tefeliou