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“Mirabello” Events at Agios Nikolaos

Throughout the year, a series of events are organized in Agios Nikolaos in the Municipality under the name “Mirabello”. These events include concerts by both locally and internationally renowned performers, theatrical performances, art exhibits, sporting...

Events in Siteia

Nautical week It is organized every two years by the General Headquarters of the Navy and the Coastguard of Siteia, in the last week of June. It includes lectures, music and dance events as well as sailing contests. Carneval of Siteia A relatively recently established...

Cultural Events of Tzermiadon

AUGUST : Three-day Potato festival which is also celebrated in the home of the potato, Peru. PSYCHRO Three-day festival at DIKTAIA (where the cave Diktaio Antro is located, the birthplace of the mythological God ZEUS) KATO METOHI 27/8 The feast of...
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