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Bread - Pasta

Xinochontros (Sour Thick Frumenty)



  • ½ - 1 water glass oil
  • 1 kg cracked wheat
  • 3 lt milk
  • A little salt


Clean the husks from the wheat, grind it in a hand mill and sift through a fine sieve (traditional ‘knisara’) to separate the flour. Boil and strain the milk, and leave for four days or more, depending on the weather, until it turns sour, adding salt and stirring from time to time.

Put the sour milk on to the heat and when it begins to boil, add the wheat. Stir continuously until cooked, adding the oil while it simmers. Take off the heat, and leave for 8-10 hours to fully absorb the liquid. It can be eaten fresh, but the larger portion is usually crumbled into small pieces, and spread out on a clean cloth in the sun. It should be turned over occasionally until it dries completely. It should be kept in a clean dry container, so that no moisture is absorbed. It is generally used as a substitute or supplement for rice in soups, stuffed vegetables and other dishes.

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