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Smoked Sausages



  • Lean pork meat (amount as necessary to fill the intestines)
  • Pig intestines
  • Vinegar
  • Salt, pepper, cumin
  • Lemons and oranges as necessary


Take the pig’s intestines, clean them out carefully, cut into pieces about 30-50 cm, and wash thoroughly, having turned them inside out. Fill them with pieces of lemon and orange (2 oranges, 1 lemon). Mince the pork meat using a coarse grinder or chop very finely. Add salt, pepper, cumin. Pour over enough vinegar to just cover the meat and set aside for 2-3 days. The minced meat is ready when it has whitened.

Inflate intestines and hang up to dry. When the mince has whitened, deflate the intestines and soften in warm water. Fill the intestines, lightly knot the ends, and hang to drain the fluids taken in during filling. Set up a smoky environment (a fireplace or elsewhere) with branches of cypress, eucalyptus and other herbs, and leave the sausages to absorb the smoke. Smoking takes about 2 hours. After smoking, once the sausages have cooled, wash them 3 times in water (2 lukewarm and one cold) and hang to dry.

Cook the sausages for two minutes in vinegar with a little salt. When cooled, store in a dry place where they will be well aired. If the sausage is to be kept for a while, they can be stored in jars or clay pots covered with fat, together with apaki cured pork if necessary.

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