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Fish - Seafood

Marinated anchovies with roman pimpernel



  • 1 kilo anchovies
  • 1 cup salt, coarse grain
  • 3 cups strong vinegar
  • 2 cups roman pimpernel
  • 1 cup olive oil


Remove the heads and the intestines from the anchovies. Rinse and salt thoroughly. Let stand for 2 hours, until all liquid is absorbed. Place them in a deep and narrow container or a big bowl and combine with coarse grain salt and enough vinegar to cover the anchovies.

Set aside for 12 hours in this mixture. Remove the central bone and keep only the filets. Then place them in a glass jar, layering finely chopped roman pimpernel in-between. Cover with olive oil, seal and keep in a cool place or in the refrigerator. When serving anchovies, sprinkle with a little more vinegar and a lot of finely chopped roman pimpernel.

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