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With olives

Kolymbades and Psilolia Olives



  • Water
  • Brine
  • Lemon or orange juice


Kolymbades: Soak the olives in clean water, which should be changed every 8 days. This should be changed 3 times in all. The olives should then be rinsed and placed in 10% brine. For extra flavour, add a little lemon or bitter orange juice.

Psilolia Olives Choose small firm green olives, wash well, and place in 10% -14% brine to remove bitterness. They can be kept in this until ready for eating. A little oil can be added, if desired.

Neratzolies Lightly score olives in 2-3 places, wash and soak them in water for one month (without changing it), to remove bitterness. Rinse well, and then soak in 12%-14% brine for 48 hours, followed by another 48 hours soaking in bitter orange juice. Strain, and place in jars topped up with good quality olive oil. These olives can also be preserved in equal parts 10% brine and bitter orange or lemon juice.

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