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Bread - Pasta

Eftazymo or Chick-pea Leavened Bread



  • 500 g chick peas
  • ½ a handful of salt
  • a little masticha or cinnamon & clove mix
  • A few bay leaves
  • About 2 lt water
  • wheat flour


Grind the chickpeas, sift the flour and set aside. This will be used to make the starter (‘kounenos’) in a clay pot, as follows: Add the bay leaves to boiling water. Add the hot bay leaf-infused water and two handfuls of chickpea flour to the clay pot and stir with a wooden spoon. Wrap the pot in a woollen cloth and put it in a warm place (by the fire or a warm radiator, for example). If the starter (‘kounenos’) is successful, then within half an hour bubbles will appear on the surface. If there are no bubbles, then it has not worked, and a second batch must be made. Do not throw away the first. If the second attempt fails, then you could try a third time. If this attempt doesn’t work, then this would be the time to stop.

When the kounenos is successful, collect the foam from the top and make sour dough with flour and hot water. Knead it quickly and you can also add the ‘kounenos’ batch that did not work. Add sugar, cinnamon and cloves, pepper and other spices as desired. Light the oven, make the eftazymo loaf, and wait for it to rise. This will happen immediately if the rest of the process has been successful. Then bake in the oven. If the bread is to be used to make rusks (dakos), then slice as required.

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