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With olives

Black olives



  • 1 kg olives
  • 100 gr salt
  • water
  • 1 kg olives
  • 100 gr salt
  • 100 gr salt
  • vinegar


Care must be taken during curing to ensure that black olives don’t lose their shiny colour or firm flesh.

Kolymbades (Green olives in brine)

Select the olives, wash them well, and then soak in water, which should be changed every two days until they lose their bitterness. Rinse them well, and add salt at a ratio of 10% (i.e. 100 g salt to 1 kg olives), turning frequently to ensure salt is evenly distributed. After 5-6 days, add as much water as necessary to cover the olives completely. Add a little olive oil.

Kolymbades in Vinegar

Choose mature firm olives, score across slightly, and cover with lightly brined water to sweeten. Mix strong vinegar and brine in equal parts, add olives and marinade for 4-5 days. Strain, and then keep the olives covered with good-quality vinegar in a jar.

Stafidolies (Throumbes)

These are wrinkled black olives of the ‘throumbolia’ variety, which are allowed to ripen on the tree. They are picked from the tree or gathered from the ground. After selection they are washed well, and traditionally collected in large baskets.

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