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This bike route unfolds from the heights of Ziros, located 600 metres above sea level and to the northwest. Springtime is the optimal time here for discoveries of botanical interest. The route towards Chandras to the west is made easier with your back to the morning sun.

An area of dense green vineyards surrounds your route along the asphalt road. Just before Chandras, follow the end of the asphalt road to the right and still keeping right along a narrow passageway, follow the dirt road to Kateliona. (A small detour leads to Voila with its historical, religious and architectural sights-200 metres off your route). Continuing along in the same direction, go through Sitanos, which location is protected from the northwest winds. It has been claimed that this is the place to which the inhabitants of ancient Itanos went after the destruction of their city.

The route after Sitanos heads west and left and eventually goes downhill towards Katsidoni (where there is a traditional coffee shop). The dirt road to the left (before the village) within the olive groves brings you south to the asphalt road that leads left to Chandra and Ziros from where you started. South and close to Ziros are villages and settlements untouched by modernization, and further south the wonderful beaches of the Libyan Sea such as Xirokambos, as well as the particular natural beauty of the island of Koufonisi. From a botanical point of view, the monastery of Kapsa with its gorge of the same name, and Goudouras have some rare species of plants that are endemic only to this area.


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