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The Gorge of Trypitis



This gorge is one of the biggest and most difficult of access in Chania, which requires a guide to be crossed, and at least one and a half days available.

The first afternoon you can climb up (via the plateau of Omalos at an altitude of 1200 m) the mountain of Grigkilos, a very precipitous mountain with alpine configuration. You pass under a natural arch at an altitude of 1400 m from the frozen water source of Linoseli. In order to approach the summit, where you spend the night outdoors or in the ruined sheepfold of Tzatzimou, you need to walk for 2,30 hours at an altitude of 2080 m.

The myth says that it is on this summit that Cretagenous Jupiter had his throne, and westwards, on the nearby more regular peaks, he had his harness racing. At the source of Linoseli there was a famous ancient oracle as well.

From Gigilo up to the coast, you have to walk for about six hours. If there is no boat waiting for you there, you will walk for another three hours (right- and upward from the old village), before reaching the very beautiful littoral village of Sougia in Selino (70 km distant from Chania).

There is a wide diversity of fauna and flora species in the gorge, which is the dwelling place of the Cretan Chamois as well. You will find a cistern, a goat sheepfold and the chapel of Saint Nicholas there also.


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  • Route Duration: 8.5 Hours


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