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The Gorge of Katholikou



Among the 115 caves and 5 small gorges of the promontory, the small verdant gorge of Katholikou or Avlaki Agiou (‘the saint’s way’) distinguishes itself in its wild beauty.

After reaching the well-known Convent of Gouvernetou, situated at an altitude of 260 m. and a distance of 16 km from Chania, you start walking northwards on a pathway and, after 10 minutes, you meet the Cave of Panagia Akroudiotissas, as well as the chapel of the Virgin Mary and the sanctuary of Artemis. After walking for 10 minutes downwards, you can see the monastery of Saint John the Hermit, who lived during the 14th century in the 151 m long and very nice cave that is situated in the vicinity of the chapel.

A little further downwards, after walking over an unusually big bridge, you enter the gorge. You then walk on the streambed for about half an hour and reach the coast. The sea is very clean for swimming. You can see a Venetian well, a construction where the monks of Katholikos used to keep their small craft, and the stone portion that was cut off for the building of the Convent.


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  • Route Duration: 0.5 Hours




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