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Temple of Asclepios at Levinou

Archaeological Sites


The temple of Asclepios is situated on the northwestern edge of the sanctuary.

It has an eastern orientation and the walls of the cella are built with clay blocks and are coated with white marble. They are preserved to a height of 3,40m. With similar marble plates is decorated also the central part of the floor, while the rest of it is mosaic. Inside are preserved two of the column of the Temple (height: 4,70 m.) and bases of worship statues. The temple was built in the first centuries of the Roman Empire (1st-2nd century A.D.). With the prevalence of the christianity the temple (and the Sanctuary) were abandoned and were slowly destroyed. Architectural parts of the temple were used for the construction of the basilica.   In 1586 Onοrio Belli designed the plan of the Asclepeion from which today the outlines are hardly preserved and two columns. The temple of Asclepios was excavated, like the rest of the sanctuary, by the Italian School of Archeology in the years 1900, 1910 and 1912-1913. The columns of the temple were restored during the excavations


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