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The beach of Skinias is actually an entire area, 4km southeast of Palaikastro and between the beaches Chiona and Karoumon. The shortest way to reach Skinias is to take the earth road from the settlement Angathia, 1km east of Palaikastro towards the area Platyvola and the little church of Agios Spiridon.

From Angathias the distance to the small church is about 2-3 kilometers. From the small church of Agios Spiridon you will have to walk the next 1,5 km. You have to leave the car there because the route is fenced by the shepherds of the area.

But there are some doors that can help you reach your destination. The road from that point is not accessible to simple cars anyway. The area is beautiful and you will particularly enjoy the landscape shortly before approaching the beaches, where you have a wide view to the east.

The characteristic feature of the area is the η absolute peace and quiet and you can enjoy a wonderful swim in the crystal clear waters of eastern crete. The coasts around are rocky and wild so the two beaches have a particularly impressive beauty. The beaches are relativelt small, but one of them (the northern one) is sandy and it is the most appropriate for you to enjoy your swim and the second (south) with large pebbles.

The distance between the two beaches is about 200m and there are wonderful rock formations scattered. The area is ideal for fishing with fish gun and for collecting sea salt in the first summer months. Very often the local people fish there, because the sea is rich in fish. During swimming you will enjoy the combination of the wonderful blue of the sea with the dark and light colours of the wild cretan mountains that surround your vision.

The only disadvantages of the place is the lack of shade which is necessary in the afternoon hours and the uphill return road that will test your endurance. From the pebbly beach of Skinias, a relatively easy and marked path will lead you after 45-60 minutes to the equally wonderful beach of Karoumes and to the area of the homonymous gorge.


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