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Shelter at Toubotos Prinos – Nidas Plain

E4 paths


From the mountaineering shelter, the E4 follows the bank of a stream for a while and comes into the region of Kako Plai. From that point, it bypasses Agkathia peak (2424 m) and turns to the northeast to arrive at the highest peak, Timios Stavros (2454 m).

Before the peak, it heads towards the east, crosses the region of Limni, bypasses Kousakas peak (2211) from the southwest, passes Kollita and goes on to the plateau of Nida (1360 m). Just a little before the church of Analipsi, it sidesteps for a visit to Ideon Andron. During the entire route, the landscape is treeless and mainly rocky. Nida tableland, which is a karstic landscape, is decorated by some characteristic plants, such as the Pοlygonum idaeum, and is surrounded by impressive platy limestones.

Some of the most significant plants of the area are maples (Calicotome villosa), urchin’s feet (Genista acanthoclada), aromatic herbs, cases, burnets (Sarcopoterium spinosum), piny spurges (Euphorbia acanthothamnos), asphodels (Asphodelus aestivus), cyclamens (Cyclamen creticum), dragon lilies (Dracunculus vulgaris), orchids and smaller endemic plants, such as the Prospero automnale. As regards the wild fauna, raptors and unidentified populations of the Cretan wild cat often appear.


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More Information

  • Route Difficulty: Normal
  • Route Duration: 6 Hours
  • Route Length: 14 km
  • Visit Period: April-October




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