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Piskokefalo-Kato Dris-Sandali

Routes with Car or Motorbike


Start from Sitia at dawn, and travel eastwards beyond the low hills, the Minoan palace of Petras, and father on, the Hellenistic Sitia and the Noelithic burial ground of Aghia Fotia.

Beyond Sitia is Piskokefalo and the distinctive Kornaros, said to be the birthplace of the poem of Erotokritos. The left branch of the road before Piskokefalo, cutting down through the riverbed, brings you to the Minoan summer residence of “Zou”. Ascending the road before the village of Stavromenos, along the lower sections, you can see fossilized shells.

The bends along the road provide some breaks in the steep climb that leads to the end of the motor route and the start of the hiking trail, in Kato Dris. To the left the track leads to the solitude of the formerly important village of Katsidoni. After stopping to refresh yourself and tasting a little of the village life, the paved roadway to the right descends to complete the walking circle at Sandali. Pay a visit to the gushing spring under the planetree and spend a while in the company of the aged inhabitants who rest along the laneways. Continuing onwards there is a gentle and pleasant descent towards Pano and Kato Dris where you have parked your car.

This route offers exceptional solitude and was perhaps a link road from ancient times, as can be seen from the surviving tracks and ruins of buildings, and the nearby place of worship from the height of Minoan times at Prinias. Walking along the asphalt road beyond Katsidoni is not unpleasant due to the light volume of passing traffic here.


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