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Paleochora Sougia

E4 paths


Visible and marked path with E4 signs. The route begins from the road parallel to the beach east of Paleochora.

We follow and asphalt paved road until the crossroads to Anydroi, where we continue moving to the east, a little above the sea, in an earth-road that ends at the beautiful quiet beach Gialiskari. Somewhere here the roads ends and we walk on foot, always parallel to the sea. After 2,5 hours, the path begins to be uphill. When we reach the end of the uphill route, the view to the dentelated beaches of Paleochora is amazing.

Our route continues, partly in an earth-road, until the gulf of Lissos appears below. We go downhill through the ancient path and reach the sanctuary of Asclepius, of the 3rd century B.C. A large part of mosaic covers the floor of the sanctuary. Parts of the building we inscriptions are scattered everywhere around the sanctuary. Here, at Lissos, there were mineral water springs in the antiquity. The prosperity of the city is proved by the fact that it minted its own currency. Near the sanctuary the church of St. Kerykos is located. Built on the ruins of an ancient building, part of the mosaic of its entrance and the columns inside and outside the church are preserved. Inside it is decorated with byzantine wall-paintings.

One more church is near the beautiful beach of Lissos. The path to Sougia begins directly next to the ruins of the ancient sanctuary and rises for about 15 minutes. From here we can see the wonderful picture of the place and the gulf of Lissos. We continue to the east and after a while we begin to go downhill in a slope overgrown with pine trees. At the end of the route we find ourselves in a narrow beautiful gorge. We go downhill to the south and go under the left side admiring above us a very high wall of solid rock with negative inclination. After 15 minutes we reach the picturesque small harbour of Sougia. For the settlement we follow the seaside road with view to the Libyan Sea.


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More Information

  • Route Difficulty: Easy
  • Route Duration: 6 Hours
  • Visit Period: All Year




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