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Mithoi-Sarakinas Gorge-Metaksochori

Routes with Car or Motorbike


Filling your car with gasoline and your backpack with provisions for the hike, leave Ierapetra and go through Mirtos, then follow the directions for the village of Mithi. This village is located 20 km from the southernmost town in Europe.

It is situated three and a half kilometres to the right of the southern branch of the main road, the turn being one and a half kilometres after Mirtos. One kilometre beyond Mithi and before you reach the riverbed, park your car and start walking. On your left, one of the most beautiful of the 110 or so gorges in Crete extends out in front of you (Sarakina’s Gorge), the most impressive section of which lasts for three kilometres.

Gurgling running waters and small cascades flow even in the middle of summer, a rare phenomenon in the dense heat of eastern Crete. The riverbed consists of stones of varying shapes and sizes that make your course challenging and interesting through narrow passages and open-roofed walls of stone. Overhead, a winding window has been created by the fallen stone of the gorge.

Occasionally you will come across little rock pools and small springs occupied by aquatic plants and animals (different kinds of frogs and crabs). At certain points, sparrows dart through the length of the gorge searching for food, but the blackbirds are scared off by your presence.


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