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Here, the edge of the mountain rises abruptly, while its erosion by the winter seas is obvious due to the numerous rocks that are scattered along the coastline, shaping a landscape of incontestable natural beauty. Virtually following the coastline at this point, the visitor has the chance to enjoy one of the most pristine areas of the prefecture of Heraklion.

A barren, untouched landscape of red-coloured rocks, sometimes immerging into the deep blue of the sea, sometimes fusing into the vast blue of the sky, sometimes suddenly interrupted by green streaks of wild vegetation along the streams, which are engraved the barren mountain, startling us at some points with their palm-tree oases! This unique itinerary ends up in the cove of Cape Martelos, whose beauty certainly played a role in the selection of the area by the monks, in order to erect the beautiful Koudoumas monastery. The beach boasts its crystal-clear waters that become green as the disappear under the numerous marine coasts overwhelming the coast.


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