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Kallikratis – Argyroupoli

E4 paths


Approximately 100 meter after the coffee shop of Manouselis at Kallikratis, instead of continuing north to the plain and Kallikratis gorge, we turn left in the dirt road, which, heading eastwards, leads us to Asi Gonia.

Kallikratis-Asi Gonia

We keep following the central dirt road, which at first crosses a little dry valley, until we see the western region of the prefecture of Rethymno in the distance towards the east, after about 45 minutes.From this point, we begin going down following the road that manoeuvres on the slope, having the valley that lies in the southeast of Asi Gonia in front of us.

In the middle of the slope, towards the north, we will se the village of Asi Gonia. We keep going on the dirt road and, after a total of 2 hours and 15 minutes, we come across the first houses of the village. We arrive at the square.

The route from Kallikratis to Asi Gonia crosses a bare landscape but it offers interesting view on faraway places, especially in the afternoon.

Asi Gonia – Argyroupoli

From the square of Asi Gonia village, where we can rest for a while, we go on following the asphalt road, going constantly down until we reach the lower part of the valley, beside the beautiful stream with the sycamore trees, along which the road manoeuvres.

After 3 km, on the western river bank and between the gorge’s sides, we pass to the eastern bank and start going up until we reach a landscape of exquisite beauty where, among huge sycamore trees, the springs of Argiroupoli and the old watermills compose a unique total.

Here, there are taverns where we can taste delicious traditional tit-bits.

At the point of the road, where the springs are on the right and an old watermill on the left, there is a path that begins to go up and right in the verdant slope. After about 5 minutes, we arrive at an asphalt road and we see three big characteristic cypresses in front of us. We turn left and find the first house of Argyroupoli village. After walking about 500 m, we come across a central provincial road, exactly opposite the secondary school of Argiroupoli, and a little church in front of us.

From here, we can follow the road on the right and go up to the centre of the old dorp, which lies climbed up on the beautiful slope.


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More Information

  • Route Difficulty: Very Easy
  • Route Duration: 5 Hours
  • Route Length: 16 km
  • Visit Period: January-December




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