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The mountain lodge Kallergis, with a unique view to the gorge of Samaria and to the peaks of Gigilos, Volakias, Melidaou and Pachnes lies above Omalos plateau, on the western slope of Lefka Ori (White Mountains), at an altitude of 1650 metres. It can accommodate 45 persons.

It was built in 1970. From April to October, it is opened every day and it is equipped with a kitchen. With the help of the Austrian Alpine School of Innsbruck, trekkers can spend the night here and then proceed to the main massif of White Mountains.

The path to the mountain lodge begins from Xyloskalo, in front of the entrance to the gorge and it goes up in a northeastern direction, where, after 20 minutes it reaches an ascending dirt road; after a 45-minutes walk, the dirt road leads to a small enclosure in front of the lodge, which offers a unique view to the peaks opposite, as well as to the plateau.

In front of the lodge, the visitor enjoys and, at the same time, perceives the size of the mountain massif with great owe. To the north, the slopes of Samaria, wild and densly vegetated, extent where the eye meets the vast azzure of the Libyan Sea.

To the west, the peaks of Volakias and Gigilos impress with the wild beauty of sleek rocks. To the southseast, the peaks of Pachnes, Melidaou and Mavri a little higher, and then, to the north, an aspect of the Cretan Sea. All those condense the essence of this place.


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More Information

  • Capacity: 45
  • Route Duration: 1 Hour
  • Route Difficulty: Easy
  • Visit Period: April-October




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