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Home of Rasih Bay Aspraki

Cultural Heritage


It was the home of Bey Rashih Asprakis, a Turkish wholesale dealer. It is also called the “Chronakis House”. The building that still exists today was part of a larger mansion.

In buy and sell contracts the estate is described as “exchangeable”, consisting of five ground floor rooms, five rooms upstairs, an oil storehouse, two warehouses, four yards, three exits, a garden paved with stone, a water cistern and a well. The total area of the estate is 1.456 m2.

The building is a remarkable sample of Balkan architecture, with element of the ‘romantic neoclassicism’. Its different parts are arranged in a complex way around outdoor and semi-outdoor yards with pebbled floors. The ground floor and parts of the first floor are made of stone masonry, while the rest of the building is timber-frame.

Wood is the main material of the building. The various wooden constructions of the interior, like roofs and separating screens are excellent samples of the architectural style of this type of buildings. The paintings of the main interior rooms, featuring a variety of themes and lively colours, are particularly interesting.
(Author: Chrisoula Tzombanaki, architect-archaeologist)


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