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Early Minoan tomb at Nea Roumata

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At the village “Nea Roumata” of the Cretan highland, at the location “Pefkos”, there is an important proto – Minoan tomb, which is very similar to its contemporary Cycladic tombs.

A second “tholos tomb” of similar construction and smaller dimensions has been excavated at another location in the same area, while traces of Early Minoan settlements were located on several rises around the valley of Nea Roumata.
This is a “tholos” tomb of small dimensions, made of river pebble, containing one dead in a contracted position and two vases as grave gifts. This is an innovative element in the proto – Minoan architecture of funerary monuments, as the tombs discovered until now in Crete are of larger dimensions, especially the more representative large circular tombs of the plain of Messara, which were apparently used as graves for the members of a whole tribe (clan of related families). During probe research conducted in the area around the tomb, several stones and a small number of sherds were found.

The monument was discovered by chance in 1980.


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  • Accessible for people with special needs: NO
  • Location: Nea Roumata, Pefkos
  • Operation Hours: 08:00-15:00




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