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Archeological Museum of Chania



The exhibition is divided into two large sections: the eastern part is dedicated tofindingsfrom the Late Neolithic and Bronze Age (Minoan period). In the western part, antiquities from the Iron Age (historic times) are exhibited. The findings are presented by excavation groups and thematic sections. The collections include Minoan findings from the city of Chania, prehistoric findings from caves, Minoan findings from various areas in the Chania prefecture, findings from tombs of the Geometric period, findings fromhistorictimesinthe city of Chania and from various other cities of the prefecture, as well as coins, jewellery (prehistoric and historic), sculptures, inscriptions, columns and mosaics.

In the year 2000, the unique collection of Konstantinos, Marika and Kyriakos Mitsotakis was donated to the Archaeological Museum of Chania. It occupies three small halls in the north side and  is in contact with the church of St. Francis. The exhibits constitute 1/3 of the Collection and their display follows chronological order (end of the 4th millennium BC to 3rd century AD). They include findings from Minoan pottery, clay sculptures, stone carvings, seal carvings, jewellery and varia (a variety of objects from different regions).

The Museum organises workshops for the conservation of ceramics, metal objects, coins, frescoes, mosaics and a chemical laboratory, while for the convenience of visitors there is a showroom – shop of the Hellenic Organization of Cultural Resources Development in the specially designed bell tower next to the main entrance.

The aim of the Museum is to promote the cultural history of the area in the best possible way in order toattract a large number of visitors. This includes the organisation of periodic exhibitions, educational programmes and various cultural events in the premises of the Museum.

(Editors:VannaNiniou – Kindeli / AggelikiTsigkou, Archaeologists)

Hours: Tuesday to Friday from 8am to 7pm and Saturday to Sunday from 8:30am to 3pm,

The museum is closed on Mondays!


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  • Telephone: +30 28210 90334
  • Accessible for people with special needs: YES




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