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Agii Pantes Gorge



The Agii Pantes Gorge is located near the area of Skopi, west of Sitia and ends at the beach of Agii Pantes, next to the monastery of Faneromeni. The route is rich in nature, with plane trees providing shade in the summer months and abundant water from the small river Skafidara during the winter. A wetland is formed in the gorge exit by the waters of the stream. The impressive rock formations along the route were formed as a result of the erosion of the Miocene limestone by climatic conditions. The impressive scenery is complemented by fossilised marine species of dithers and sea urchins.

The UNESCO-mapped geo-route has a duration of 2 hours and 20 minutes. The route starts in the east from the area of Sfakidia, Skopi area and ends at Faneromeni gulf.

Within the gorge there are two remarkable small springs in one of which the great poet Vincenzo Kornaros wrote part of Erotokritos. The gorge impresses both for its biotope and its beautiful geological formations and the forms that the neogene rocks acquire.


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