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Wine festival in Vouves

Wine festival in Vouves that takes place 30-31 July & 8-9 August

Events at Rethymno (August)

Cultural Events ( Rethymno) Cultural August ( Anoghia ) Cultural event Talea (Gemeinde Kouloukonas ) Marin Week Festivities (Rethymno) Celebration events of Mother  Maria ( AgiaGalini, Koxare , SeliaAxos ) Celebration of farmers- cheese producer ( Zoniana ) Celebration festival of Mother Maria of the village Charakas (Bali) Raisin Festivity ( Perama ) Citrus Celebration ( Garazo )

“Houdetsi Festival”

Houdetsi Festival is a 4 day celebration of music, food and art that takes place in the little village of Houdetsi located 23 klm due south of Heraklion, on the island of Crete.  his year 23,000 people from all over the world attended the Festival! Houdetsi has been  an international attraction for musicians since 2002 […]

Sardine festival

The Sardine festival takes place in Nea Chora and in Souda.

Events at Rethymno (Septemeber)

Celebration of Stavros ( Axos ) Celebration events of Mother Maria ( Miriokefala , Lefkogia )

“Local Produce: Nutritional and Therapeutic Properties”

The Municipality of Sitia, in cooperation with the Sitia Development Organization and the Technological Educational Institute of Crete (Department of Nutrition and Dietetics) is organising a festival entitled: "Local Produce: Nutritional and Therapeutic Properties". During the festival there are cooking demonstrations and tastings of local produce from Sitia and the areas with which it has developed […]

World Day of Tourism

World Day of Tourism. Festive events at the old harbour of Chania.  

World Tourism Day

The World Tourism Day is celebrated by the Regional Unit of Heraklion – Region of Crete with great splendor. Cultural events take place in numerous areas, having the town of Heraklion as their focal point, namely its squares: Archaeological Museum Square, Agios Titos (Saint Titos’) Square, Kallergon Square, Eleftherias Square and Agia Ekaterini (Saint Catherine’s) […]

Chestnut festivity

Chestnut festivity in Prases and Elos  

Tsikoudia (local drink) festivity

November: Tsikoudia (local drink) festivity in Neoria - Chania, Loutraki Kidonias, Kandanos, Lake of Platanias.  

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