Off- Road Exploration

The rugged terrain of Crete is a paradise for lovers of off-road exploration.

Driving in dirt tracks, on the edge of steep slopes with breathtaking sea views, is a unique experience. Remote and rough, the mountains of Crete top the adrenaline of the off-road excursion fans. Driving on a dirt road to reach a snowy summit, while overlooking the deep blue sea on the horizon, is a unique experience.

Horse riding on the mountains is another way to discover the beauty of the Cretan mountains. Horses were traditionally in use in everyday life on the island. The particular breed of local horses, fully adapted to the rough terrain of Crete, known as Georgalidika, is still today quite common and horse races and demonstrations take place throughout the year. There is a large number of riding clubs and associations as well as other organizations that offer riding lessons and excursions on horseback.

The island is home to an increasing number of companies offering four-wheel drive excursions in the most amazing places of Crete. Crossing mountains on motorbikes is also a very popular activity of local motor clubs.

Cycling, either off-road or on asphalt-paved roads, is also a wonderful way to explore the hinterland. Many companies and cycling clubs operate in this sector. The Cycling Tour of Crete is one of the most famous cycling events and attracts many visitors from all over the globe.