Alternative Activities


Smells from kneading and vintage, agricultural works in olive groves and vineyards, wandering in the whitewashed streets and through the village squares, voices of children playing around, bleating animals. Pictures that today are like distant memories. Yet the visitor of Crete can still come in contact with this traditional way of life, while staying in one of the rural villages or one of the many agritourism cottages scattered all over the island, which can offer similar experiences.

Agritourism lodges and some specialized companies provide seminars for traditional cooking, pastry, kneading bread and collecting wild greens, herbs, mushrooms, snails and truffle. Moreover, one can participate in the harvest of olives, the process of olive oil production, distillation of raki, vintage, honey production, vegetable cultivation, collection of milk and processing of dairy products, raising domestic animals, shearing sheep, etc.



The history of this land has been flowing for thousands of years alongside the history of its people. And although the time of humans usually leaves gaps and unexplored points, the time of the land in Sitia has recorded its marks in every nook and cranny: on the rocks, in the ravines, in the caves and in its unique gorges. The courses of humans and land here, in eastern Crete, intertwine and complement each other. The marks of humans are revealed in the rich archaeological finds and in the present day, still unadulterated, life of its residents. The land is revealed in each of the hundreds of points of geological interest of the area.



Psiloritis Natural Park was founded in 2001 by the developmental organization AKOMM – PSILORITIS DEVELOPMENT AGENCY S.A, ORGANIZATION OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT with the scientific support of the Natural History Museum of Crete.

Due to its rich geodiversity, its beautiful scenery and its history and tradition, Psiloritis Natural Park was included, from its early foundation, at the European Geoparks Network, and later at the Global Geoparks Network by UNESCO.

Since then, Psiloritis Natural Park, in co-operation with the Municipalities and other Bodies of the local authorities and communities, developed the appropriate infrastructure to provide to both its inhabitants and its guests a high quality life in a non-urban environment.

Today Psiloritis Natural Park is plays an active role in the global efforts for the conservation and promotion of the environment, of the natural and cultural heritage, as well as of the sustainable local development through the geo-tourism and the other kinds of alternative tourism.

Visit the Interactive Geosite Map of Psiloritis Natural Park.


The “Cretan Thematic Park” is an innovative thematic park reviving the Minoan civilization. It offers guests the opportunity to get an insight assisted of Minoan civilization by modern technology and two dance theatre performances, while they enjoy Minoan flavors offered by Cretan products.

At the entrance of the hall, young women dressed in the Minoan costume, welcome guests and show them to their seats in the hall, lighting in which is provided by the Minoan oil lamps creating a dreamy Minoan atmosphere. The hall is scented by incenses of Cretan herbs. A group of women and men represent the “Minoan Feast of Wine Harvest”. The performance is accompanied by the sounds of guitar, flutes, sistrum and drums. It is displayed the 3D film “Knossos – A journey in time” which presents the constructional history of the palace Knossos from 7000B.C. till 1100B.C.

Waiters dressed in the Minoan costumes serve one of the many combined Minoan dishes. At the same time the guests watch a film which includes images of the life of the Minoans. After the meal, fruit, deserts and raki are offered to guests and the performance is highlighted by a dance drama inspired by the most known myth of “The Minotaur and Theseus”.

Schedule of Performances

Every Tuesday and Thursday  19:45 – 22:15

T: +30 2810-224644, 2810-234074




The philosophy of the creators of “Lasinthos” is no other than the revival of our tradition and culture, the manners and customs of our region, the preservation and the elevation of the rare flora and fauna of the Cretan nature, the promotion of the Cretan cuisine as well as the way of making and producing the various Cretan traditional products. “Lasinthos” is prevailed by the Cretan traditional architecture and the natural beauty of the traditional materials (stone, carved marble, tile and wood). In the Park’s 200 acres, we cultivate fruit-bearing trees, garden produce, vineyards, herbs and sweet-smelling plants that fit to the climatic conditions of the region.



The AMAZONAS PARK, a public park for birds in the midst of the mountains is a very special park. In the course of time this park has developed into homes for parrots which have been handed in for various reasons by their former owners. Man considers the advantages that he has by keeping a parrot as a pet: he wants to have a partner he can talk to and caress whenever he feels like it. A parrot is able to convey to man the feeling of mutual understanding because of its intelligence, docility, bond with man and ability to speak. Thus a special, quite personal relationship between man and animal develops in which the animal wholly complies with the needs of the human being whereas man hardly ever fulfils the needs a bird has because these are almost completely unknown to him.



ELISSOS introduces an Alternative Philosophy on Travelling in general that focuses on the combination of History, Archaeology and Arts functioning as an indivisible Unity.


In the historic village of Kapetaniana, nestling in a stone ridge of Asterousia mountain range, lays the complex of Thalori Guesthouses which combine original Cretan hospitality with a number of nature activities in mountain and sea. “Thalori” means “sea” and “hill” and it is this rare coupling that lends a unique accommodation experience in southern Crete.

Thalori consists of 20 traditional houses, each with a distinctive personality. The houses are an integral part of the village, maintaining their Cretan architecture, combining traditional style with the comforts of today. The restaurant of the Guesthouse serves local dishes made from local ingredients, while the list of recommended activities (in nature or not) but also the attractions of the area covers all tastes.

Set against the sacred Kofinas peak and the blue of the Libyan Sea; feel free to experience in Thalori the authentic Crete, in a landscape totally austere, rough and beautiful, in a corner of the Cretan land with a long history and untouched nature.


Address:               Kapetaniana, 70016, Heraklion Crete

Tel. / Fax:             +30 2893 041762

Reservations:        +30 6976994896